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One web-page to rule them all!

The quickest/easiest way to distribute your contact details.

With the growing popularity of social media, etc
we now have quite a few different methods of contact.

Facebook, twitter, telephone, email etc and the list goes on ...

Distributing those various contact methods is not easy under pressure, and time constraints.

Maybe you and another persons paths colide, but you're in a rush to get somewhere ..

BuzzMe.AT is the answer!

BuzzMe.AT gives you one free web page with
ALL your different methods of contact, In one place.

It's the quicker and easier way of doing it ..

It's completely customizable, and completely free!

and yes, you can pick and choose which contact methods
you want to display.

(your e-mail address will NEVER be displayed!)
It's like a free plugin contact form ..

Your free contact web page appears in the form of

Like my one @ buzzme.at/tom

How quicker and easier is that to distribute?

Much quicker than a telephone number or an e-mail address!

So do it the quicker way, and use BuzzMe.AT!
It's quicker, secure, and completely free!

And we'll never sell your data!
Just click below to get started - it's free! :)

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